Angel and Smidge’s Incredible Story of Determination, Love, and Healing

A step-by-step testimony account of our Maximum-Strength Blushwood Berry Pet Tincture helping to save a life, graciously shared by a hero – Angel from the UK, who currently cares for 22 rescue animals.  (NOTE: This is the path Blushwood EBC-46 tigilanol tiglate works for pets and humans.)


"At the end of December, 2022, my guinea pig Smidge had an ultrasound that revealed 2 masses (tumours). One at 2x2x4cm by his intestine, and another an 0.8 x 1.2cm mass in his bladder. Initially, my vet gave Smidge the prognosis of 2-3 months and prescribed two lots of painkillers and a gut stimulant. They told me they could only offer palliative care now. There were no treatments or cures, and they were unable to test these masses to find out what they were as guinea pigs tissue was way to friable. 

After a week or so, Smidge was losing more weight, became more lethargic, and was refusing most food. He struggled to go to the bathroom and had started to become impacted. I had to syringe feed him food and water every 30 - 60 minutes on bad days to keep his energy levels up and had to clear his impaction multiple times a day. Smidge's bad days were gradually more frequent, and he became more uncomfortable being picked up. When I did pick him up, he would wriggle around and then drop a little in weight so I couldn't actually cuddle him anymore. Smidge's lowest weight was 809g. The vet changed his prognosis to 1-3 weeks and said, "I guarantee you Smidge will not be here with us in a months' time,” and was very insistent I put Smidge to sleep as they believed he had no quality of life. I have never ever seen a vet so insistent on euthanizing an animal before, but I saw something in Smidge. Smidge had not given up, and so neither would I. So, I refused. I am so glad I did.

After doing some research, I came across this Blushwood Berry Tincture that had some amazing results, and I saw it as a sign. I contacted for advice and the CEO Miss Debbie Tracy was amazing!! She replied so quickly and helped me with dosages and asked me for regular updates so she could monitor Smidge's progress personally. Her husband Ron made sure that the tincture arrived as quickly as possible. I was concerned that Smidge was going to pass away while I was waiting for the Blushwood Berry Tincture to arrive, but thankfully it only took a couple of days.

As soon as the Blushwood Berry Tincture arrived, I immediately started Smidge on it. After a few days I noticed Smidge starting to make more effort to move around and his eyes looked brighter, less sleepy looking. So as Miss Tracy advised, I increased Smidge's dose from 0.2mls to 0.25mls 3 x daily. This is when I really started to noticed more improvements. 

Within the first week Smidge started to eat tiny amounts of fresh food on his own. The equivalent to 1 or 2 small leaves of spinach or chard. His weight was still quite low at 816g, but had gained a few grams, and his bad days were starting to becoming less frequent again. Each day Smidge was doing a little bit more by himself, beginning with moving around and paying attention to his surroundings, and he was gaining more weight. At the beginning of the second week I was able to stop all conventional medication, so he no longer needed any pain medication or gut stimulants and was completely free of all pharmaceutical medicines. Smidge also made his first attempt at independently drinking from his water bottle, something he hadn't done since mid-December. I was having to syringe him with water regularly, but he was now doing this by himself. Half way through the second week, I noticed that Smidge was creating actual formed poops and was not needing his impaction clearing as much. It had been reduced to 2, maybe 3 times a day. Also, his coat was becoming more silky and shiny again, each day gaining a little bit more weight, moving more and generally being more normal. The best bit for me was I was now able to pick him up and give him cuddles again. 

Smidge has now been on the Maximum-Strength Blushwood Berry Tincture for 19 days. In those 19 days, Smidge has gained 100g in weight (gone from 809g up to 910g as of this evening). Smidge independently eats his fresh food and hay, drinks his water by himself, and has not been impacted in 3 whole days. He has tons more energy to the point he is actually starting to have playful bursts with his brother. 

28 days ago, Smidge's vet insisted I euthanized Smidge, and I refused. Smidge has now exceeded his 1-3 week prognosis by 7 days and is in his best condition I've seen him in over a month. When I told Smidge's vet how well he was doing, his vet was in complete shock and disbelief. 

Smidge has gone from being almost at death’s door to an energetic, happy little piggy in 19 days thanks to Miss & Mr. Tracy, and Blushwood Berry Tincture. I will be adding to this review in another couple of weeks. and I look forward to sharing Smidge's progress with everyone."

UPDATE:  Smidge seems to be following a pattern: he gains weight, holds it, then drops a little then gains more than he had previously, then holds it, and drops a little so on and so forth. 

His weight this morning after his meds and big boy snacks was 990g (6.30am) but dropped to 986g in 45 minutes while I was walking the dog. He does also drop weight (up to 8g) each time he urinates. I literally watched him lose 8g on the scales last week just by going to pee. In general, (including his highest today) his weight ranges from 956g - 990g.

Also, Smidge is very proud of himself. Smidge has now been able to use his ramp when he wants to. He is not just sitting in one place and has now regularly started wheeking—quietly shouting. It's his version of shouting—but he is and always has been a quiet piggy—for his food. I am still needing to feed him fresh foods every 2-3 hrs. most of the time. However there have been odd occasions where I have been at an appointment/meeting longer than expected and he has maintained his weight at 970g ish mark. 

Smidge's mischievous nature is also returning. I have attached some pictures for you to see how well he is doing.

UPDATE: I thought you might like these pictures. This weight was just after his 6pm meds and big boy treats tonight. He is a very cheeky boy right now, and getting up to everything he can. 


8 DAYS LATER - He has been more active today than he has been in a month (NOTE: Angel is using a plastic syringe so Smidge doesn’t bite down on the glass.) She also apologized for taking the photo before cleaning his area. :)

10 days later: Looking glossier, heavier, and brighter-eyed.

4 days later: Our boy even glossier and eating fresh food on his own.

2/9/23: Smidge’s best weight since December after the vet said he should be euthanized - hurray!

8 days later: Still gaining and lookin’ handsome and glossy!

3/2/23: Angel: Smidge is a very cheeky boy right now, and getting up to everything he can. (And we’re so glad he is!!)

Current: Smidge enjoying life with his twin brother and friend! XO